It’s Your Thing

A new playlist for all the devoted followers out there!  Thanks for sticking with me and continuing to check the site.  I’m absolutely committed to making these more regular, and adding a few different types of posts for fitness professionals of all types, so please stay tuned!

This playlist has a few explicit songs, so just be aware of that if you have young riders or people sensitive to a few choice lyrics.  I always appreciate your feedback, so please email me: if you have any requests!

Here is the Spotify link to this 45 min playlist (9.25.18 playlist):

  • the isley brothers – it’s your thing (2:47) : warm up and stretch
  • coldplay – sky full of stars (4:28) : start at a moderate flat road, building resistance, but you’re just getting started, so nothing too crazy.  at 1:18 this song really picks up, just this as a quick sprint (roughly 20 sec).  slow down, keep the resistance for about 20 sec, and then go for a second build of resistance.  the second burst of speed comes at 2:48 and is quite a bit longer.  i’d push the class to hold for the full minute and then recover.
  • kevin rudolf – let it rock (3:53) : man, one of my all time favorite songs for spin.  so high energy.  you’ve had a chance to recover with the end of the last song.  these are shorter, so you can handle heavier gear.  sprints: 0:42 (15 sec), 1:33 (20 sec), 2:41 (30 sec).
  • imagine dragons – thunder (3:07) : bring it back to about 75% of your max resistance.  take this at a steady pace for the full 3 minutes, can bring it out of the saddle for a punch during the chorus.
  • matt simons, et al – catch & release (remix) (3:16) : keep that gear heavy from the end of thunder.  this song has an easy beat.  keep that pace quick and steady, but continue to build resistance. punch out of the saddle at 0:51 for 20 seconds, drop down and push it on the gear.  continue to build the hill.  another push out of the saddle at 2:28.  it should be super heavy at this point – ready for the downhill to come.
  • walk the moon – anna sun (5:21) : quick run to release tension of that hill.  drop resistance, to about 60-70% of max.  first sprint is about 0:51 for 30 seconds; second at 1:51 (30 seconds); at this point, you can build a little gear for the heavier sprints.  third spring at 3:30 (it goes a bit, you can make this one 30 sec); final sprint you can build in at 4:18 (30 sec).
  • no doubt – just a girl (3:28) : lifts in and out of the saddle.  you’ll want to reach at least 75% resistance to protect knees when you’re standing.  quick lifts in and out of the saddle in chorus.
  • lorde – million dollar bills (2:18) : this is a short one.  try to keep that 75% resistance, 75% of max speed for a full 2 minutes.
  • the black crowes – jealous again (4:34) : this starts another heavy block of work.  quick start at the base of the climb.  pick up speed with each chorus (they’re 20 seconds each), but keep adding resistance throughout.
  • soundgarten – fell on black days (4:43) : this one starts heavy, maintain that resistance you had built.  this is a slow one, which matches the heavy gear.  can you push it heavier?
  • ariana grande – into you (4:04) : bring that resistance down from that heavy hill.  we’re going to finish the ride with a few sprints.  first one at 0:55 (30 sec); 2:06 (35 sec); 3:20 (30 sec).
  • india.arie – video (4:10) : cool down and stretch