Don’t Stop Blending : Spinach and Blueberry Smoothie

this is the first installment of a new Jollyspins feature : don’t stop blending.  i had wanted healthy recipes to be a part of the Jollyspins blog, but since my cooking skills are still hit & miss, i decided to start with something that is totally yummy and requires zero cooking — smoothies!

i recently purchased a magic bullet blender, and it has easily become my favorite appliance (model similar to the one i have).  true to non-cooking form, i have only used it for smoothies, but there are a ton of other uses!  it is super easy, i just load my ingredients and then lock down for 15-20 seconds, unlock and give it a good shake, and blend again until i have the consistency i’m looking for.

this week’s smoothie is a yummy spinach and blueberry smoothie.  my proportions are based on the magic bullet container, so feel free to adjust if you are making for more than one person in a regular blender.

  • 3/4 cup of soy or almond milk (i used soy here, but i also love trader joe’s vanilla almond milk)
  • 1 scoop whey protein powder
  • 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed meal (here is the one i use)
  • 1 loose cup / handful of fresh, baby spinach.
  • 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries

given the spinach and flax seed this smoothie has an earthy, nutty flavor, and is a totally yummy and healthy way to start your morning!  i have been putting ground flax seed on everything lately and will share the benefits of this super ingredient in a later post.


in case you missed endurance work…

this week i realized i have been focusing on climbing drills for what seems like months.  while it has been fun to see how my new weight lifting routine has made a positive impact on my climbing work in spin class, i have completely ignored endurance and sprint work.  tonight’s class was almost entirely focused on speed, and it was a great kick in the pants!  this is a fun playlist that i’ll definitely be jamming out to this summer.

  • michael jackson – P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (3:59) : stretch, warm up
  • calvin harris – feel so close (radio mix) (3:28) : 1 min: PRE 7 (95 rpm); 1 min: PRE 8 (95 rpm); 1 min: PRE 7 (95 rpm); final 0:30: recovery
  • david guetta feat. nicki minaj – turn me on (3:19) : here is where i started to realize i was in trouble.  sprints.  0:52 – 1:22 – 30 sec sprint.  30 sec recovery.  2:02 – 2:32 – 30 sec sprint.  30 sec recovery.  3:02 – 3:19 – 20 sec sprint.
  • the shins – simple song (4:15) : there are two climbs on this ride and this is the first one.  not a huge peak, in theme of ride, focused on speed.  starting at slight incline, add one or two gears every 30 seconds.  about two minutes in, bring out of saddle for 1 minute.  drop back in saddle, hold gear for 30 seconds.  finish in recovery for final 45 seconds.
  • timbaland ft. miley cyrus – we belong to the music (4:27) : back to endurance work.  1 min: PRE 7/8 (95 rpm).  1 min: PRE 8 (95 rpm).  45 sec break.  1 min PRE 7/8 (95 rpm).  1 min PRE 8 (95 rpm).
  • fatboy slim – the rockafeller skank (3:57) : i always forget how extremely annoying this song gets about halfway through.  i need to stop adding to playlists, but the beat for the first half is pretty decent.  i just started back at the beginning when it got really bad.  back to sprint work.  30 sec recovery.  30 sec sprint.  30 sec recovery.  45 sec sprint.  45 sec recovery.  30 sec sprint.  30 sec recovery.
  • hot chelle rae – i like it like that (3:08) : i am embarrassed by how much i like this song.  lifts in and out of the saddle during chorus.  4 count in / 4 count out.  recovery in between.
  • the black keys – gold on the ceiling (3:44) : this is the second hill.  basically same as the first.  start at slight incline, adding gear every 30 seconds.  becomes a moderate hill and then take out of saddle.  back down for about 45 seconds and then final 30-45 seconds are recovery.
  • ellie goulding – lights (3:31) : final set of endurance drills.  1 min PRE 7 (90 rpm – you will naturally be tired at this point and hitting a slower speed, but this is still challenging and still a fast pace).  1 min PRE 8 (90 rpm).  30 sec break.  1 min PRE 7 (90rpm).  1 min PRE 8 (90 rpm).
  • september – party in my head (4:17) : final sprint drills.  0:23 – 0:37 – don’t think this is going to be an easy finish.  15 sec sprint.  30 sec break.  1:06 – 1:36: 30 sec sprint.  30 sec break.  2:06 – 2:36: 30 sprint.  45 sec break.  3:18 – 4:03: 45 sec sprint.
  • pitbull – back in time (men in black III soundtrack) (3:26) : not sure if i’ll actually see men in black III, but this is a fun song.  can anyone name the movie soundtrack featured in the mashup?  finishing with lifts in and out of the saddle.  minute at quick speed.  minute of 4 count in/out.  45 sec break. finishing with 4 count in/out.
  • keane – stop for a minute (4:07) : cool down, stretch.

let me know what you think and please post any music suggestions you may have!!!  i love feedback.

rock and roll hills

i have been on a hill kick lately and have also been mixing things up with some rock n roll favorites.  enjoy this ride!

  • taylor swift – eyes open (4:05) : warm up, stretch
  • black crowes – hard to handle (3:07) : quick pace, continue warm up.  rolling hills
  • marty casey & lovehammers – call of distress (2:59) : three surges uphill or out of the saddle – 0:24- 0:45, 1:09 – 1:30, and 2:14 – 2:59
  • enur – calabria 2008 (3:54) : quick recovery and then move into lifts in and out of saddle – 1 min (6 count), 1 min (4 count), 1 min (6 count)
  • flux pavilion – i can’t stop (5:04) : get ready for a tough climb!  first of two steep peaks in the ride.  start at slight incline (4-5 out of 10 for resistance) and then gradually add resistance every 30-45 seconds.  with 2 minutes to go, hit steepest point you can handle in the saddle.  last minute, bring out of saddle and add steepest gear.  this one will make your legs burn!
  • van halen – she’s the woman (2:57) : i had originally planned on this one being surges uphill, but it ended up being a very quick flat road.  legs are engaged, but we’re not climbing here.  add one or two increases, but maintain speed.
  • john o’callaghan – find yourself (radio edit) (2:32) : i had a music malfunction and added this one at the last minute.  turned out to be a great addition – out of the saddle surges during chorus.
  • black crowes – heavy (4:43) : second steep peak of the ride.  steadily add resistance.  with two minutes to go, add steepest resistance you can handle in saddle, last minute hit the peak out of the saddle.
  • busta rhymes – c’mon (catch ’em by surprise) (3:33) : another round of lifts in and out of the saddle.  1 min – 6 count, 1 min – 4 count, 1 min – 6 count.
  • motley crue – kickstart my heart (4:43) & duff mckagan’s island – we win (4:04) : final 9 minutes, surge uphill.  moderately heavy resistance, but still light enough that you can maintain quick pace and have enough energy to surge during chorus.  kickstart my heart is quick enough for a faster pace.  i backed off resistance about halfway through, but add back in before you get too comfortable!
  • maroon 5 – misery (acoustic) (3:46) : stretch & cool down

welcome to jollyspins!

hi everyone!  welcome to jollyspins– a comprehensive resource for spin instructors and participants.  this blog will feature music playlists, training tips, new equipment reviews and other fun, indoor cycling goodies!

i received my cycling certification over two years ago from AFAA and based on my experience, there are few, quality resources out there for cycling instructors.  coming up with a new and fresh playlist every week can be a challenge and i wanted to create a community where instructors and participants can share music and class layout tips to make the job a little easier.  your comments and feedback are ALWAYS welcome!

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