Smoothie Booster

nutivaThought I would mix it up a bit on the blog with a non-playlist post.  I’m always learning of new products/workouts/gear through blogs and I wanted to share with my readers a smoothie booster that has quickly become one of my favorite products.

I was recently introduced to hemp protein powder (not to worry, this is not a sponsored post!) and it is now a regular staple in my morning routine.  If you haven’t tried hemp protein powder, it offers similar protein benefits as whey, but is plant-based and unlike soy, has not been subjected to genetic modification.  Hemp contains all of the 21 known amino acids, and is a comparatively safer plant source of protein.

Two tablespoons of hemp protein powder can provide around 13-15 grams of protein and also contain branched-chain amino acids (BCAA).  These amino acids are particularly important, because along with carbohydrates, they are a fuel that the muscles burn for energy.  To do this, BCAA metabolism is direct and undergoes less processing by the liver, unlike other types of proteins.

In addition to the health benefits, hemp protein powder is pretty tasty.  I blend with one banana and one cup of almond milk (unsweetened vanilla is my favorite) and it makes for a delicious smoothie for a snack or breakfast treat.  I’ve also added berries, flax and chia seeds, so mix it up and find a blend you like!  There are lots of different hemp protein powders out there, so I encourage you to find a brand and price point that works for you.  I stumbled upon Nutiva while trying to max out my Amazon Pantry order.  It’s organic, full of nutrients and delicious!  Happy blending!

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!  Hope y’all have had a great start to 2015, and if you’re an instructor, I’m sure you’re in the midst of the busy “resolution season!”  While gyms are a little more crowded than normal, it is fun encouraging new faces and cheering people on toward their goals.

I have a new playlist for you — based on feedback from my class this morning, I think it’s a good one.  A lot of heavy climbing, with a couple of flat road sprints/surges mixes in.  Here is the spotify link, enjoy!  cyle tunes 1.12.15

  • hogni – bow down (2:41) : warm up, stretching
  • florence + the machine – dog days are over (4:12) : i haven’t played this one in a while, but a couple of easy hills to get things started
  • guns n’ roses – sweet child o’ mine (5:56) : this is the beginning of over 8 minutes of climbing.  here is the first half.  i started with one solid peak to the top over the course of this song, four increases to the top.
  • 3OH!3 – back to life (3:46) : finishing up the climb here.  slight downhill and then a steep increase at the end
  • wolfmother – woman (2:56) : quick flat road here to recover from the climbing, approx 70% of max resistance, quick pace
  • katy perry – this is how we do (3:24) : I can’t help it, this is one of my favorite songs and I continue to add to my playlists.  time for some lifts in and out of the saddle
  • sia – chandelier (3:36) : surges in the saddle
  • avicii – the days (4:38) : time for our second set of hills.  first peak over the course of this song.
  • coldplay – a sky full of stars (4:28) : second peak, this is it for the heavy hills!
  • mark ronson/bruno mars – uptown funk (4:31) : lifts in and out of the saddle
  • calvin harris – feel so close (3:26) : surges in the saddle
  • ben howard – keep your head up (4:25) : cool down / stretching