Head Start on New Year’s Resolutions!

Hi Everyone– posting tonight’s playlist BEFORE the ride.  Several sets of sprints on this one– be sure to keep that resistance high for the great caloric impact.  Always better to go a bit heavier on the gear at a slower speed than vice versa.  Here is the Spotify link: cycle tunes 12.27.12

  • jack ingram – barefoot and crazy (3:31) : warm up/stretch.
  • kanye west – stronger (edited version) (5:12) : climbing/surging.  alternative between 45 sec of out of the saddle climbing and 45 sec of in the saddle surging.
  • outatime – ain’t nobody (5:01) & david guetta – titanium (4:05) : climbing.  three peaks, three increases for each peak.  surging for second half of each increase.
  • kelis – acapella (4:08) : sprints at 1min (37 sec), 2:14 (45 sec), and 3:23 (45 sec).
  • benny benassi – control (3:30) : lifts in and out of the saddle.
  • m.y.c. – rock! (5:38) : climbing/surging.
  • p!nk – raise your glass (3:24) : sprints at 0:39 (25 sec), 1:34 (30 sec), and 2:30 (45 sec).
  • britt nicole – amazing life (3:33) : lifts in and out of the saddle.
  • g.g. – grenade (3:56) : final set of sprints– 0:30 (30), 1:33 (45), and 2:45 (45).
  • rod stewart – do ya think i’m sexy? (5:30) : cool down/stretch.

I Said Never Again…

but we all know how that usually turns out.  I have signed up for the Tobacco Road Half Marathon on Sunday, March 17th.  I need your help compiling a good running playlist.  Please help!  Having good music is an absolute must, and I am actually going to train this time!  Feel free to subscribe to my training playlist on Spotify, I will update with your suggestions and another great workout tunes I come across.  Here is the link:  thirteen.one

Sweat It Out

I put together a new playlist this week after several weeks of climbing work.  This one isn’t too focused on climbing, but a lot of intervals.  Play around with the accelerations– wether you focus on speed, strength or out of the saddle work.  Here is the Spotify link:  cycle tunes 11.15.12  Enjoy!

  • maroon 5 – one more night (3:40) : i can’t stop singing this song!  so catchy.  starting here with stretching/warm up.
  • emeli sande – wonder (3:23) : another song i love.  initial climb here, nothing crazy.  continuing warm up.
  • afro jack, eva simons (3:41) – take over control & ellie goulding – anything could happen (4:47) : standing climb with seated accelerations.  warm up for 1 min.  two rounds of 30 sec out of saddle climb, 30 sec seated push.  one minute recovery.  three rounds of 30 sec out of saddle climb, 30 sec seated push.
  • cold war kids – hang me up to dry (3:39) & savage garden – i want you (3:52) : only steady uphill climb.  three peaks.  i took the first one slowly and picked up the pace for the final two.
  • imagine dragons – it’s time (3:28) : active, flat road.
  • outatime – ain’t nobody (5:01) : lifts, in and out of the saddle.  i start with 20 sec in/out and progress down to a quick 5 sec in/out.
  • kelly clarkson- whyyawannabringmedown (2:43) : recovery here. couple of 20 second accelerations if you need it.
  • david guetta, estelle – one love (3:59) : climb- in and out of the saddle.  45 sec in / 45 out.
  • madonna – celebration (3:59) : sprints.  25 seconds, 35 second recovery.
  • five for fighting – superman (3:41) : cool down / recovery.

No Questionable Lyrics Here

Last week I had a tiny incident with some unedited music, so this week I made an effort to include some safer, older music.  Lots of climbing at the front end of this ride.  Here is the Spotify link, enjoy!  cycle tunes 10.25.12

  • rascal flatts – banjo (4:17) : warm up / stretching.
  • andrew spencer – i need a hero (remix) (6:04) : starting at 1:00, alternate between one minute of climbing and one minute of in the saddle surging.
  • u2 – sunday bloody sunday (4:42) & bush – comedown (5:27) : climbing work, three peaks over the course of these two songs.
  • p!nk – blow me one last kiss (4:16) : sprints
  • ellie goulding – anything could happen (4:46) : this song is on repeat!  love it.  lifts in and out of the saddle.
  • starship – nothing’s gonna stop us now (4:31) & the cars – just what i needed (3:45) : final set of climbs.  two peaks.
  • flo rida – i cry (3:44) : sprints.
  • philip philips – home (3:29) : stretching / cool down.

New Playlist!

hi everyone, a new playlist for this week.  it required some last minute changes halfway through as in one of the original songs enrique iglesias used some not so nice language.  will definitely put together an “old school jams” playlist for my next class to compensate.  here is the spotify link for this ride, enjoy!    cycle tunes 10.18.12

  • the distillery – bang your mullet (southern style) (3:20) : try not to judge the name of this song.  it’s a fun one for warming up and stretching.
  • wolf gang – the king and all of his men (4:04) : couple of easy hills as we warm up.
  • train – 50 ways to say goodbye (4:08) : surges up hill.
  • stevie nicks – edge of seventeen (5:30) : climbing, two tall peaks.  i encouraged the class to picture themselves as stevie, wind blowing in her hair, climbing uphill.
  • gotye, kimbra – somebody that i used to know (tiesto remix) (4:33) : lifts, in and out of saddle.
  • chris brown – don’t wake me up (3:42) : surges.
  • rihanna – diamonds (3:45) & needtobreathe – drive all night (4:13) : climbing, two tall peaks.
  • capital cities – safe and sound (3:13) : endurance ride, heavy resistance.
  • kelly clarkson – whyyawannabringmedown (2:43) : surges
  • watermark – gloria (3:11) : cool down and stretching

Quick Climb Uphill

hi everyone, a new playlist this week.  lots of climbing– in the saddle, lifts, out of the saddle, surges, enjoy!  here is the spotify link: cycle tunes 10.4.12

  • mumford and sons – babel (3:28) : warm up / stretch.
  • the black keys – gold on the ceiling (3:44) : surges up hill.  starting at incline, surge on chorus.  add gear on verses.
  • eva simons – i don’t like you (4:12) : lifts in and out of the saddle.  20 sec out/20 sec seated.
  • group 1 crew – the difference (3:58) : out of the saddle climb.
  • outkast – bombs over baghdad (4:19), september – party in my head (4:17) : heavy out of the saddle, drop down for 30 second surge.
  • britney spears – till the world ends (3:58) : lifts in and out of the saddle.
  • maroon 5 – lucky strike (3:05) : out of the saddle climb.
  • black crowes – hard to handle (3:08) : steady, uphill climb.  starting in the saddle.
  • darude – sandstorm (3:47) : heavy out of the saddle, drop down for 30 second surge.
  • hillsong live – you are more (5:48) : cool down / stretch

Fall Kick-Off Ride

thanks to everyone who continues to check the blog even though things have been a bit dead over the summer.  we are officially into fall (well, post labor day), so please expect more regular posts as i have a little more time to keep those rolling.

this week’s ride was full of surges, lifts and out of the saddle sprints.  if you challenge yourself on resistance, this will be well-worth your time.  here is the spotify link to the playlist:  cycle tunes 9.13.12  enjoy!

  • emeli sande – wonder (3:23) : warm up/stretch (heard about this tune from the olympics, love it!)
  • skrillex & the doors – breakin’ a sweat (zedd remix) (5:31) : combo of standing climb and surges.  breakdown looks like this: 0:30-1:00 surge, 1:00-1:58 add gear, out of saddle climb, 1:58-2:58 drop it down and surge, 2:59-4:10 out of saddle climb, 4:10-4:55 surge.  final- recovery
  • timbaland & miley cyrus – we belong to the music (4:27) : jumps out of the saddle
  • p!nk – blow me one last kiss (4:16) : sprints.  3, 30 sec sprints.
  • gotye & kimbra – somebody that i used to know (tiesto remix) (4:33) : out of the saddle climb.  building up, coming out of saddle.
  • eric prydz – call on me (2:49) : endurance ride
  • adam lambert – never close our eyes (4:08) : jumps during verses, then hit out of saddle sprints.
  • neon trees – everybody talks (2:59) : surges.  they are only about 20 sec, so go a little heavier here.
  • avicii – levels (radio edit) (3:20) : jumps.  each minute drop to a shorter time frame.
  • david guetta & sia – she wolf (falling to pieces) (3:43) : jumps on verses, out of the saddle sprints at chorus.
  • red hot chili peppers – parallel universe (4:29) : surges.  this is final workout sprint.  make it count.  also, the last minute of this song is really quirky, so i just skipped to cool down at that point.
  • edward sharpe – home (5:03) : cool down and stretch

see y’all next week!  as always, feel free to post recommendations.


Summer’s Almost Over

new playlist to celebrate the approaching end of summer.  have a lot of new tunes from some artists you may not recognize– support new bands!  here is the link to spotify : cycle tunes 8.23.12  enjoy, please post in comments if you have suggestions!

  • kenny chesney – feel like a rock star (3:28) : warm up/stretch
  • of monsters and men – mountain sound (3:31) : rolling hills
  • calvin harris ft. ne-yo – let’s go (radio edit) (3:46) : sprints
  • dragonette – let it go (3:32) : climb
  • madonna – turn up the radio – r3hab remix (5:42) : climb, lifts in and out of the saddle
  • capital cities – safe and sound (3:13) : continue climb, lifts
  • angels and airwaves – the adventure (5:13) : endurance word, lifts
  • the wanted – chasing the sun (3:19) : sprints
  • nero – promises (skrillex remix) (4:29) : climb, lifts
  • florence + the machine – dog days are over (4:12) : recovery, endurance
  • kelly clarkson – whyyawannabringmedown (2:43) : last set of sprints!
  • sia – breathe me (4:35) : cool down/stretch

I Love Your Input!

Hi everyone!  I have taken a bit of a hiatus from putting together new playlists over the summer, but I am gearing up for fall and would love your input on some fun music that you love for working out/cycling.  One of my favorite things about teaching is getting to know my regulars and their music tastes — I have accommodated every request from all-out Gaga to Stevie Wonder to Jamiroquai!

Please post your favorites in the comments and I promise I’ll incorporate them into a future playlist!

Thanks!  -MJ

Something For Everyone

hope everyone is enjoying the olympics!  as of today, official USA medal count — 29 gold, 15 silver and 19 bronze.  woohoo!  i have definitely noticed an increase in my class size since the olympics started– so awesome.  i love that people are inspired by world class athletes, and jollyspins is a great place to start.  🙂

i found a playlist i had not yet posted.  just to warn you, it has a tiny cheese factor, but always fun to ride along to the songs that love to get stuck in your head.  enjoy:

  • montell jordan – this is how we do it (3:59) : warm up / stretch.  blast from the past, i know
  • minimalistix – struggle for pleasure (3:56) : seated sprints with standing recovery
  • train – drive by (3:17) : flat road, endurance ride.  uncomfortable resistance.
  • selena gomez – love you like a love song (3:08) : jumps out of the saddle.  this starts the beginning of 12 min of out of the saddle/climbing work.
  • nina simone – sinnerman remixed (4:35) : out of the saddle, ladder climb
  • steppenwolf – magic carpet ride (4:20) : heavy climb, increasing for first 2 minutes.  middle 2 min, climbing out of the saddle.  drop down and push last 20 seconds.
  • republica – ready to go (5:02) : sprints
  • christopher cross – ride like the wind (3:57) : flat road, endurance ride.  approx 5/10 PRE.
  • nikka costa – everybody got their something (4:21) : seated at the start, moving out of saddle at end.  focus on speed.
  • britney spears – i wanna go (3:30) : i have a love/hate relationship with this song.  but it has great energy, so a good one for jumps.
  • dave matthews band – why i am (3:54) : last climb, steady up  hill.  in and out of the saddle at end.
  • the doobie brothers – listen to the music (3:47) : cool down / stretch