welcome to jollyspins!

hi everyone!  welcome to jollyspins– a comprehensive resource for spin instructors and participants.  this blog will feature music playlists, training tips, new equipment reviews and other fun, indoor cycling goodies!

i received my cycling certification over two years ago from AFAA and based on my experience, there are few, quality resources out there for cycling instructors.  coming up with a new and fresh playlist every week can be a challenge and i wanted to create a community where instructors and participants can share music and class layout tips to make the job a little easier.  your comments and feedback are ALWAYS welcome!

don’t forget to follow me on twitter : @jollyspins

stay tuned and thanks for checking out the new site!


2 thoughts on “welcome to jollyspins!

  1. Sometimes when I’m in spin class I feel like I want to stop. Do you know of any motivational songs that might encourage me not to stop, even a song that might convince me that I can’t stop?

    • thanks for your question! i actually played the perfect song in class today. check out “i can’t stop” by flux pavilion. definitely what you need to get through a tough hill (or a long plank when you’re cross training). p.s. congrats on the winning bracket, you must be a carolina fan!

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