rock and roll hills

i have been on a hill kick lately and have also been mixing things up with some rock n roll favorites.  enjoy this ride!

  • taylor swift – eyes open (4:05) : warm up, stretch
  • black crowes – hard to handle (3:07) : quick pace, continue warm up.  rolling hills
  • marty casey & lovehammers – call of distress (2:59) : three surges uphill or out of the saddle – 0:24- 0:45, 1:09 – 1:30, and 2:14 – 2:59
  • enur – calabria 2008 (3:54) : quick recovery and then move into lifts in and out of saddle – 1 min (6 count), 1 min (4 count), 1 min (6 count)
  • flux pavilion – i can’t stop (5:04) : get ready for a tough climb!  first of two steep peaks in the ride.  start at slight incline (4-5 out of 10 for resistance) and then gradually add resistance every 30-45 seconds.  with 2 minutes to go, hit steepest point you can handle in the saddle.  last minute, bring out of saddle and add steepest gear.  this one will make your legs burn!
  • van halen – she’s the woman (2:57) : i had originally planned on this one being surges uphill, but it ended up being a very quick flat road.  legs are engaged, but we’re not climbing here.  add one or two increases, but maintain speed.
  • john o’callaghan – find yourself (radio edit) (2:32) : i had a music malfunction and added this one at the last minute.  turned out to be a great addition – out of the saddle surges during chorus.
  • black crowes – heavy (4:43) : second steep peak of the ride.  steadily add resistance.  with two minutes to go, add steepest resistance you can handle in saddle, last minute hit the peak out of the saddle.
  • busta rhymes – c’mon (catch ’em by surprise) (3:33) : another round of lifts in and out of the saddle.  1 min – 6 count, 1 min – 4 count, 1 min – 6 count.
  • motley crue – kickstart my heart (4:43) & duff mckagan’s island – we win (4:04) : final 9 minutes, surge uphill.  moderately heavy resistance, but still light enough that you can maintain quick pace and have enough energy to surge during chorus.  kickstart my heart is quick enough for a faster pace.  i backed off resistance about halfway through, but add back in before you get too comfortable!
  • maroon 5 – misery (acoustic) (3:46) : stretch & cool down

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